A YCOM Academy Reflection: Gifts from Up Above

There are many days that people call unforgettable, but when I say the day of January 13 is unforgettable, I genuinely, undoubtedly, happily, mean it.  On this day, youth from the Northeast gathered for the Northeast-B YCOM Academy.

Flashing back to the night before, I had just left dance class, gathered my belongings, and set off on a four-hour drive with other NJ youth.  A combination of soreness and lack of sleep would usually not make for the most desired outcome.  However, waking up early on the 13th, I was thrilled to go to YCOM Academy even though I really had no idea what to expect of it.  

Commencing with worship at 8 a.m. made me even more enthusiastic about the day ahead.    There were 3 talks; each of them left me thinking and feeling entertained at the same time.  Talk 1: Lord of the Talents, given by EJ Olaguer, emphasized that God is the most creative being and that we should always glorify God through our talents.  This lead to a reflection that made me contemplate my individual gifts that God has blessed me with, and I personally loved being able to reflect multiple times throughout the talks.  

And it is YCOM after all.  So, after the talks, there were three workshops : photography, videography, and media.  My first choice was the media workshop lead by Terence Luceno, which went over an array of topics, ranging from not procrastinating to using the Rule of Thirds, and I absorbed a profusion of new material there.  But I think the caption game at the end would have to be my favorite part.  

Leaping out of my comfort zone, I decided to do the photography workshop, and I surprised myself.  Renz Valencia went over photography basics, and we were able to explore a Church and use the cameras.  Walking out of the workshop, I was ecstatic that I would finally be able to use my Canon and take pictures for the greater glory of God.

The ending worship undoubtedly left me speechless.  God’s Hand reached out to me, and it was indisputable that He had worked through each and everyone of my lovely brothers and sisters.  As YCOM Academy came to a close, I was content with the talks I heard, friends I made, and memories I created.  

Patricia Redulla, CFC-Youth New Jersey